Sekonda Vintage Space Watch – First Watch in Space 1960s

Make: Sekonda

Model: Strella


Movement: Manual

Condition: Fine

Year: 1968

Strap material: Stainless Steel


Accepted as the first watch in space now commonly known as the “Strela” (Russian for “Arrow”) this watch was based around a calibre derived from the Venus 150 movement and dubbed the 3017. Originally this was issued to Russian air force pilots it became standard issue for cosmonauts throughout the early days of the soviet space program. Most memorably it seems Alexi Leonov wore a “Strela” on the first “spacewalk” or EVA (extra vehicular activity) just a few months before Ed White would do the same wearing his Speedmaster.

Check this great website with video of the watch

The watch is in superb condition and has recently been serviced being provided with a certificate of authenticity and 12 months warranty. Part exchange always welcome.

We ship worldwide via DHL , please ask for a shipping quote.

Price: 850

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