Tudor 7922
The first Tudor Submariner 7922

I often find myself explaining to  people ( when being asked if I know something  specific about a watch or vintage watch ) that “ if you spent every day of your life studying watches by the time you retired you would not know half of it “ and I think I am about right. Vintage Tudor Submariners are however a interesting and manageable subject as is the general topic of vintage Tudor watches.

Having spent the last five years buying vintage watches and quite a few vintage Tudor Submariners , I have had to spend a lot of time researching all brands of watches and even today I am being sent details of watches of which I have never heard of and I have no doubt that this will carry on for the rest of my career.

Ask me about the Tudor brand and I would actually know a fair/little bit as it has a close association to Rolex and stands for the same qualities and indeed is just as collectable.

 Tudor were just one of many brands that Rolex founder Hans Wilsdorf came up with in the early 20th century whilst he was working up his great empire in London and was intended to be a less expensive version of his new Rolex brand which was the premium range. 

His actual quote was 

“For some years now, I have been considering the idea of making a watch that our agents could sell at a more modest price than our Rolex watches, and yet one that would attain the standard of dependability for which Rolex is famous. I decided to form a separate company, with the object of making and marketing this new watch. It is called the TUDOR watch company.” –                  H. Wilsdorf

Now having spent his early career in sales Hans was good at marketing ( he was not a watchmaker ) and knew that high quality watches would always sell but that the majority of the watch buying public could not afford high end watches.

EXPERIMENTING WITH BRAND NAMES FROM ROLEX (H2) (links to one page from your website)

Hans experimented with many names including Omigra which was soon abandoned the penny having dropped in relation to Omega but I suspect he was trying to steal some of the kudos attached to the long established Omega brand.

The now world famous Rolex name was nearly “Rolexis” which may seem odd now but maybe not at the time and certainly not when you are experimenting with a brand new for a new watch brand.

It is true to say that the Swiss watchmaking industry is littered with once great brand that have died out ( many to be resurrected to have their  names placed on watches of somewhat dubious origin ) and even more not so great brands that hopefully will never see the light of day or for that matter the shine of lume.


Of all the brands that did not quite make it Marconi is one of the more interesting as Hans used the name from the Nobel prize winning inventor/developer of wireless transmission. There was a lot going in the early 1900’s especially in terms of innovation and invention and plenty of the new techniques in manufacturing were being applied to watchmaking quickly bringing down the cost of good quality time pieces.

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As mentioned earlier the key difference between the various and now abandoned brand names and the Tudor name was that Hans Wilsdorf kept a close association between the Tudor and Rolex brand. The Tudor Submariner proudly boasts on the case back “ORIGINAL OYSTER CASE BY ROLEX GENEVE “ whilst on the inside it clearly states it is a Tudor and of course the movement is in house.

Hans Wilsdorf was effectively trying to sell the Tudor as a lower cost option to the Rolex but retaining many of the more important qualities ie as long as the watch was as rugged as a Rolex and just as waterproof ( same Oyster case ) so what if it was a few seconds a day faster or slower !. The digital age would put pay to all of that argument.

The 7928 was not the first Tudor diving watch , this was the 7922 launched in 1954 and developed in association with the French Navy ( probably because their ships kept sinking ! ). It followed one year after the Rolex Submariner and was cheaper but I am sure you will agree it has all of the allure !

Tudor 7922

Amazing and Collectable Tudors models  (H3)

In 1958 the Tudor submariner 7924 was released affectionately nick named “big crown” this as you would guess refers to the larger than normal 8mm diameter winding crown ( not that you were expected to wind it under water !! ).

The Tudor 7922 and the model 7924 are distinctive in that they do not have the crown guards and as these watches were “tool” watches ie primarily designed to perform a function , catching the winding crown on something solid at 200m depth was somewhat inconvenient as that could mark the end of your possibly very expensive dive and your watch.

1964 saw the introduction of the Tudor Submariner 7928 and here are some pictures of my current daily wearer recently purchased from its last caring owner who had alas been persuaded by his kids to spend a small fortune on a puppy !

Watches Of Westminster

Tudor 7928

The first thing that strikes you with this vintage Tudor Submariners ( and this one is no different ) is the almost black lume which is normal . I was in fact offered another identical watch today with the same colour lume ! . I am just waiting for a phone call back to see if the offer is accepted or its down to the dogs home .

Sell your vintage watch


 A well worn bracelet

9315 bracelet with 380 end links + movement

Vintage Rolex Wanted


Although the watch came with a “recent service” I have not done anything to the watch as yet and you will see it has had plenty of use. The strap however was something I had “in the collection” and from what I can read on the various expert web sites this is the correct model number (9315 with 380 end links ) if a bit grubby but then I do like vintage cars and houses as well .

Tudor’s History have some great pictures and text relating to their own story

I am always keen to buy vintage Tudor watches so please feel free to contact me via the Watches Of Westminster web site especially in regards to Vintage Tudor Submariners.

October 28th, 2020

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