Im am not saying you can actually save time if you buy a watch but it will lead to you getting some Zen time in your life .

Zen Breitling

For the last couple of days I took a break from the watch business and went to help a very old friend (from the early 80’s ) who had a total boiler failure in his grade 2 house . In fact it was not a failure but just a cack handed non completed install but it ended up as a 2 day pipe alteration and radiator hanging exercise.

Fact is my friend is a life long Rolex fan / wearer and even when we were handling big rads he was still wearing his Submariner and I was wearing my Zodiac GMT quartz a watch I have really become attached to. He even gave his Daytona to his son !

buy time

Needless to say they were both taken off once the blow lamp came out.

Anyhow during the evening break and after a “few beers ” I just came up with the phrase “Save time , buy a watch ” when I was being asked about how and why I got into the watch business. The why was more about a Ducati dealership I started. The how is much easier to explain.

The first thing I did was a watchmakers course at the Epping Forest School of Horology.

What a great place that was , I loved it . Every Thursday from 6 till 9 and our tutor Richard was just a fascinating guy to listen to and very helpful and super patient.

I also have to say that the people I met on the course were just super nice and decent ie not salespeople ( as much as I know they have to exist ). About 2 thirds of the way through the course I was just getting out of my van to go in and my sister rang me to tell me my very ill father had just died. There’s no greater shock you can have in life but I went into the class and finished it the best I could it just seemed the right thing to do .

The big point is we are all time limited. We all like wearing something interesting ( who didn’t have the Brut bangle back in the 70’s ) ??

Our lady ( clever ) friends have always known the pleasure of wearing something metallic and shiny it goes back to the beginning of person kind .

I love wearing watches and owning them. Once you can understand how they work but more importantly the mind numbing precision that is needed to make them ( easy now in the CNC world of machining ) keep time to 10 seconds or less a day for a hand made ( by eye almost ) collection of cogs the process becomes more complex than the Apollo missions although they were over a shorter period ( dont mention the war ( yes an old joke but I know a vintage watch collector will understand some of the joke ))

So back to my point “Buy a watch save time ” – sounds like something Omegas marketing company would come up with but really / actually most people do or would like to wear a nice watch or just even a watch they were given by a friend or loved one. I was given a Breitling Bentley many years ago and to this day it means as much ( in fact even more ) now as it did then.

A good quality watch will last a lifetime and more. A really good quality watch will never lose its value and will be something you can pass down with history to your kids and whilst they may not understand it now they will later.

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December 8th, 2020

Posted In: Second Hand Watches

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