Sell my Grana watch

Whether you have found an old watch in the attic or just want to move on a watch you have have been wearing for years you can get a free valuation on your vintage watch today.

Is your watch not running ?? No problem , we can give you a free valuation on your vintage watch whether it is running or not ( do please tell us however ! )

sell your broken watch

Most people think broken watches are not worth repairing and whilst this may be true for many cheaper brands , there are numerous makes and models where economic repairs can be made if you employ a professional watchmaker as we do.

We really enjoy reaching broken old watches and giving them a new lease of life and owner .

Walking into a High St watch dealership and handing over your vintage watch may well leave you out of pocket and with a vintage watch ruined by new parts ( never replace hands , dials , crowns , cases etc , keep the watch original and only replace missing or unrepairable parts ) you may well be wishing you had not bothered.

Selling vintage watches is quite a specialist activity these days and you really need to know your market. Of course who does other than vintage watch specialists !

The best thing to do is ask Watches Of Westminster for a free watch valuation anytime any day , we can give you a free watch valuation based on just a few decent pictures ( one of the face and one of the back plus one of the winder ).

You don’t even have to use the valuation page on the website , just Whattsapp us some pictures direct from your smart phone ( 07768316371 )

The price we give you is subject to a brief final inspection which we do in front of you and the price rarely changes but we have to ensure we are valuing the same watch and we do sometimes find a issue with the watch that was not evident in the photos although it can work the other way round and we end up paying a bit more !.

Logistics is often a issue with most watch buying firms asking you to visit them. We offer a “to your door” service and are happy to meet you at a neutral location to suit you. The distance we can travel will depend on the quality of the watch but we will even fly to a destination for the right watch and at a time to suit you ( weekends included ).

June 20th, 2021

Posted In: Second Hand Watches

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