If you’ve stumbled upon this blog then I’d like to personally congratulate you on being a click away from our huge selection of vintage and modern watches we have on sale. Here at Watches of Westminster we value quality and variety, in equal measure.

Take a look at our  for sale page to see our 90-or-so timepieces neatly fitting in next to each other in pleasing clarity, all photographed with great care so as to present a clear picture of what our happy customers will one day be sporting.


Perusing our stock you may have come across something like our Rolex Prince – highly sought after in this condition and a must for any collector. Having been fitted with a new Hirsch strap the watch looks spot on.The Rolex Prince is arguably the most famous vintage watch ever made. Sometimes known as the Doctor’s Watch as it was often the preferred gift from a rich patient to their doctor, it has a  large sub-second dial. It had a remarkable movement that was the first to be granted ‘Observatory’ status. Unfortunately having been in stock for only 6 months it was sold recently with another customer wanting it the same day !






Perhaps you may be after something less pricey? Or more modern? In which case keep an eye on our page as we are adding and removing watches every week. We prefer vintage watches due to their charm and price stability but are always on the lookout for good quality modern pieces to tempt you with.





March 27th, 2018

Posted In: Second Hand Watches

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