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Make: Duval / Baylor

Model: Triple Chronograph

Reference: L349

Movement: Landeron 349

Condition: Fine

Year: 1973

Strap material: New Leather



BRAND : Duval


MODEL : Reverse Panda Chrono


WATCH DESCRIPTION : As good looking and functional as any Heuer Autavia this watch was almost certainly made by Heuer and has also been branded a Baylor. A true classic vintage chronograph at a highly affordable price.


SPECIFICATION : 3 register manual winding Landeron 349 powered manual winding watch.


FUNCTIONS : Chronograph with sliding bezel recording minutes and hours.


CASE SIZE :38.5 without the crown.


CCASE MATERIAL : Stainless Steel


BRACELET : New Leather




YEAR : 1972




HISTORY OF : Duval / Baylor

You may already know that Heuer chronographs were the choice of real racing drivers in the 60s and 70s, and have just recently begun to see a major uptick in value for many models.

Experts predict that the vintage Heuer market is on the cusp of another major price explosion.

What you may not know is that throughout the 60s and 70s, Heuer was not only making watches for themselves, but also under contract for a number of other brands and retailers.

These watches were made on the same assembly lines, used the same parts, and are every bit as cool as their Heuer-branded counterparts. They just don’t come with the Heuer shield, or the associated price tag.

As such, these off-brand watches have come to be known to collectors as “Poor Man’s” Heuers – and we’ve offered them before.But not one like this!

This Baylor Chronograph is based on the early manual-winding Autavias (such as Reference 2446).

Heuer AutaviaCirca 35,000 dollars !!

Baylor was the house brand for Zales Jewelers, and most of their chronograph models were produced by Heuer. As the story goes, Heuer sold off a large number of their manually-winding chronographs to Baylor as they made the switch to automatic wristwatches in 1969/70, and this is likely how this piece came into being.


Viewing : This watch is available for viewing in Central London by appointment or further afield depending on distance. We also ship worldwide via DHL , please ask for a postage quote. Payment via bank transfer only.

If you have any vintage watch irrespective of condition  for sale or PX and want to know what you can sell/PX it for  please visit our watch valuation page


Feel free to  Whatsapp us on 07768316371 and we will give you a fast response.L349

Price: 2,250

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