If you want to sell your vintage watch  and with the minimum of fuss and the maximum speed then watches Of Westminster has to be the right business for you.

We now specialise in vintage watches and making the selling process for owners as simple and easy as possible. Depending of course on the watch and distance , a sale can be arranged and sometimes completed the same day with any payment method preferred and if needs be a collection arranged.

All you have to do is go to our sales page


If your in a real rush you can just send pictures via Whattsapp on 07768316371 , its that simple.

There are many High St businesses who will buy your watch but the process is complicated and you will need to take the watch to them and leave it with them for 2 weeks ( if they are open ). Watch finder are a top company by all means check their website


Having started  Watches Of Westminster 5 years ago now I have had loads of great experiences but have found that my real interest is in finding interesting vintage watches often left languishing in cupboards and the backs of drawers.Ive even bought some that were found under floor boards !

These watches were the pride and joy of their owners at some point in time but some have been passed on and simply left in a box of momento’s to gather dust until the inevitable house move or clear out occurs.

I have often heard that the grandchildren were not interested in their granddads vintage watch so it was being sold and they were being given the cash .

Heres an interesting watch I bough recently and which is now my daily wear.

Breitling Navitimer

Rear View

This is a Breitling Navitimer Jupiter Pilot model ref 80971 from 1986 issued to the Iraqi Air Force by their glorious leader a one Mr Hussain but somehow it managed to find its way to a car boot sale in England. I bought it from the person who was willing to get up early in the morning and go rummaging and I took a chance that the non functionality was simply a flat battery which it was.

Running a watch business has a number of advantages one being that you meet the nicest of people who also seem to be into vintage cars and motorbikes as I am and I bought this nice Bovet which will shortly be up for sale from a fellow vintage car and bike owner.

With a 34mm case it really is a pretty watch and keeping excellent time.

So if you want to sell your vintage watch just think about the best way to suit you , from a simple phone call to filling out the valuation page on our website noted above.

If however you have a vintage watch you want advice on just give me a call or visit the web site and send some decent pictures through and I can give you a fast response and answer any question you have without any obligation.

May 12th, 2019

Posted In: Second Hand Watches

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