Watches Of Westminster have linked up with JTM watches in Japan to help our respective customers buy and sell directly between the 2 great watch loving countries so if you are in Japan and need some help and advice in the UK regarding modern or vintage watches or vice versa just get in touch.

Tokyo Olympics Speedmaster

There are some considerable differences in the 2 watch markets and there are may more models available in one country rather than another.

If you are after a rare watch in Europe it may well be readily available in Japan so its always worth a visit to JTM.

Steve is the founder and owner of JTM and has provided the following information about his business .

Tell us a little about your background?

I came to Japan back in 2002 to work as an English teacher. I got interested in watches around 10 years ago and started a collection based exclusively on Japanese domestic market watches. That includes mostly Seikos of course, but also watches from a wide range of brands who have released watches only for sale in Japan over the years.  

Why did you start JTM watches?

 Originally it started as a way of selling my own watches without listing them on Auction sites like Ebay and losing out to their high fees. As time passed, return customers started to ask me if I could get watches for them, and I have slowly built up a small, but loyal clientele. Building up a relationship of trust with customers, especially when dealing with used and vintage watches is key as you well know. 

What differentiates JTM from the competition?

We specialize in exceptionally rare and limited Japanese domestic market watches aimed at serious collectors. Most of the watches we sell are simply not for sale anywhere else. Take the Hajime Asaoka “Kurono Tokyo” or the Grand Seiko AJHH limited edition snowflake for example that we currently have listed. It’s the niche watches like these that we are in the unique position to be able to source and provide at a competitive price.

What is the future of JTM?

Just to keep sourcing the hard-to-find JDM models and listing them on I will also be adding new content to our Youtube channel when I get the free time. It’s a great way for me to showcase our inventory and share knowledge with the online watch community. 

You can email Steve here:

His Instagram handle is @Jtmwatches

April 29th, 2020

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