At some time in most people lives the question ” Where can I sell my old Watch Today ” comes to mind. I have bought the best part of a thousand watches in the last 5 years most of them old/vintage .

1970s Omega Speedmaster LCD

I like buying old watches but what is the difference between an old and a vintage watch ?

Another and very different Omega Speedmaster “TV Screen “
sell my vintage watch

Well its pretty much a question of definition. Vintage watches are generally considered to be so once the are over 40 years old so pre 1980’s. Thats not say a more recent watch is not collectable.

Even a new watch is collectable if the supply is limited such as a limited issue Rolex Submariner or even a Philippe Patek . Omega are well known for issuing limited number runs of watches especially the Omega Speedmaster.

Sell my Grana watch

So whilst you may want to sell your old watch , its going to have to be of some value to allow that to happen. Whilst most people have an idea that some old/vintage watches have some value figuring out how much is a much more complicated task especially if the watch is not working and even more so if it has some form of damage.

Vintage Ladies Rolex

What is not normally known is that a significant part of the value of any vintage / collectable watch is in the dial.

Original dials in decent condition are a must and the absence of such will detract greatly from a watches value even more so if usable spares are not available. Repainted dials are a no no and many people have ruined the value of their vintage watch by sending it off the the manufacturers for a full refurbishment to get it back with new hands and a dial. Any vintage watch buyer will be looking for originality and as little polishing / refurbishment as possible.

Omega Seamaster 300
Vintage Omega Seamaster 300


If you ate thinking “Where can I sell my old watch today ” is running around your head then just click on the link below and get a fast and free watch valuation. For a even faster response you can just Whatsapp us on 07768316371 with a picture of the front and back of the watch.


Watches Of Westminster are vintage watch buyers and specialise in the fast and friendly purchase of vintage watches. When we say fast , we can send funds to you the same day via Paypal if the distance between us is too great ( although we do travel the country buying vintage watches but of course the value of the watch will determine how far we can travel without resorting to post ).

If you are within a days travel we will often drive to you , inspect the watch and pay you there and then with cash or via bank transfer.

WW2 watch
We love vintage watches


Simple just send us a decent picture of the front and back of the watch and add a description such as ” running but a bit scratched / worn by my grandad at Dunkirk etc ” If you have boxes and paperwork for the watch then try and include them as they will add to the value of the watch. You may not think it but most watch buying companies make you jump through hoops to sell your watch. You have to fill out endless forms , wait ages for them to come back to you , arrange a visit to their in town shop ( if possible ) , leave the watch with them for 2 weeks and then once they have possession feel obliged to take their offer !!


If you don’t want to use the valuation page link above feel free to just send us a Whattsapp message with the pictures attached.

We are the UK’s premier vintage watch buyers and we understand the importance of customer satisfaction.

Sell vintage watch
A interesting Coin watch


Many of our existing customers actually like a change and will come back to us asking to do a deal on another watch we have in stock. Thats fine we will happily take your watch in part payment for one of our stock watches whether you bought it from us in the first place or not.


We dont “kick tyres” as long as the watch is as described we will always pay the offered amount. Even if the watch has stopped since you sent us pictures as long as it is serviceable the price stays the same !


March 24th, 2021

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