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The vintage watch market is a fairly specialist retail sector and your choices are few and far between. The famous Austin Kaye closed down last year which I am afraid is probably more to do with the rents/rates in central London rather than the interest in vintage watches.

Lemania WWW

There are of course a number of vintage watch shops left in London but as ever the price of any watch has to take into account the overheads incurred in order to present those watches to the buying public and very reasonably so. I had premises for a while until it became pretty clear to me that the watch business works very well on the internet and the need for customers to actually see your watches can be easily catered for by meeting in a mutually convenient place.

Vintage Tudor

Everyone has heard of Hatton Garden and whilst it used to be primarily jewellery and workshops there have been more watch shops opening up but again given the rents and other costs bargains will never be available and dont expect a great price for your Rolex ( although the margins are lower on this and a few other brands ).


Everyone wants a bargain but as with most things in life you have to pay top money or take a risk when buying vintage watches whether thats in London or anywhere else. Unless your buying something fairly cheap ie £200 you really need to buy from a retailer offering a full invoice , a warranty and certification. If you are buying a vintage watch these documents will almost certainly allow you to sell the watch for more than you bought it for in say 5 years time although watch out retail and trade are not the same thing !


A good plan but as ever you need to know what you are doing my best tips are

Piaget Gold
  1. Take on a watchmakers course ( just the first year will do )
  2. Spend say 4 hours a day for a year just looking at watches on the net
  3. Be prepared to get caught out on dodgy deals
  4. Have plenty of money
  5. Learn how to polish metal ( but understand over polishing a watch is not a good thing )
  6. Be prepared to travel
  7. Be patient
  8. Don’t take risks
  9. Don’t travel to Italy or anywhere else on the promises of great deals.
  10. Find a watchmaker who does not charge a fortune.


Simple just do a Google search but if you are looking for investment watches , learn the market , investigate what you are interested in and keep a long good eye on the internet. There are bargains to be had but not in the High St retail shops !

July 3rd, 2021

Posted In: Second Hand Watches

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