Do any of the following apply to you?

  • Thinking of selling your watch?
  • Want to part exchange your vintage watch for a newer or different luxury watch?
  • Have you inherited a vintage watch you now want to sell?
  • Have a good quality but non running/damaged vintage or luxury watch for sale?
  • Would like a watch valued before you sell it?
  • Are you worried that a watch you bought may not be an original?
  • Have you been offered a price for your luxury watch by a dealer but think it is too low?

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If any of the above did apply to you then in this article I am going to explain the choices you have if you want to sell your watch for cash, without the hassle of going through the time consuming processes involved with most other watch buying companies, or before trying selling watches yourself.

When looking at selling watches for cash, you’d be hard-pressed to find a city that offers you more choice of watch buyers than London does.

Unfortunately, this vast reservoir of trade buyers poses a problem; where do you begin? Jewellers will ensure you walk away with next to nothing, pawn shops will do the same .

Dealers at flea markets may offer you a little more chance of a profit but that still won’t be enough, especially after waiting around in the cold all day.

If you’re after a more substantial selling price you might go to one of the big businesses which are well advertised on the internet, ( how do they afford such large advertising budgets and plush Mayfair offices ? ) .

Be warned however, as their more realistic offers are matched only by the tedium they create. After you have made initial contact and received an outline offer, ( which will always be below your target price which they ask for ) you then either have to post your luxury watch to them, ( not all people are happy to do this and it does involve expense and hassle ) or you need to make an appointment and travel to their London offices.

Add to this the fact that they’ll charge you to post the watch back to you if it turns out to be a copy and your vast array of choices doesn’t seem so impressive.


So How Do You Sell Your Watch In London

If you wish to combine convenience with a realistic price  for your luxury or vintage watch, your best bet is small businesses like Watches of Westminster. We are more than happy to come to you, we provide same day payments in cash or bank transfer and offer part exchanges from our myriad selection of vintage and luxury watches. We are also willing to do all this on evenings and weekends , all of this is to ensure our customers have a quick and easy sale experience.

We will buy any watch down to a certain pricing level and are not put off by the condition as long as the watch is repairable.

We are happy to explain to you in detail how we have arrived our valuation of the watch, and if you are looking for a part exchange offer we can bring a selection of the type of luxury watches you may be interested in with us ( If you have not already selected one ).

For the right luxury or vintage watch we are happy to travel, (we collected the Vacheron Constantin below from Poland recently) and meet up at a time to suit you.

The process is very simple and could consist of a simple phone call to us !

As a small business we understand that service to our customers is paramount and we pride ourselves with the fantastic feedback we ask for and get.

Please feel free to call us on 0776820316371  or complete the form on our watch valuation page if you have any queries or would like to sell your vintage or luxury watch .

December 26th, 2016

Posted In: Second Hand Watches, Sell My Watch

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