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10 of my favourite watches

Just above is a picture of 10 of my favourite watches which I wear on a regular basis . They are not all stock watches on the Watches Of Westminster site , they are my personal watches and I thought I would share them with visitors to the web site rather than leave them hidden away.

Omega Speedmaster 1st in my 10 favourite watches

I’ll start at the top left with one of the most recognisable watches being the Omega Speedmaster Professional ref 145022 76 ST the serial dating it to 1975.

I actually bought this through a wanted ad in Gumtree and for a reasonable price.

It does however have a strange smear slightly fading the left hand side of the script “Omega Speedmaster Professional” and when it arrived one of the pushers was totally seized. Otherwise the Speedie just needed a good service.

Picture of Speedmaster movement    10 Of My Favourite Watches

The Type B2.861 movement is present and correct and running nicely after its service.

I’ve been wearing the Speedie most of the week and it does sit very well on the wrist as its not a big heavy watch . The Speedmaster is definitely a every fay watch with huge character. Add its history and you have one of the most collectable watches at a affordable price.

Pulsar Chronometer NATO issue        10 Of My Favourite Watches
Pulsar Chronometer

Next up is a Pulsar Quartz Chronometer which was a Nato issue watch I believe to the RAF and looking at the serial numbers it was issued in 2008.

As you would expect it keeps perfect time and with its 39mm case it is not too small and not too large.

It times to one tenth of a second but for some reason the minute counter does not reset to zero. Its not a expensive watch and I tend to wear it when Im out and about doing other things not related to watches and which might end up damaging the watch ( I have many other interests ! )

Heres an intersting web site with more information


It has a lot of useful information on British military watches and as we have a couple on the web site take a look at this rare Jaeger LeCoultre


Next up on my list of 10 favourite watches is a particular favourite of mine and whilst I don’t wear it too often ( for reasons that will be obvious ) when I do Its a real treat.

As you will see its a marriage watch that I put together about a year ago . After buying a Omega marriage watch a few years back I thought I would have a go at ” creation “. I had started to buy pocket watch movements on Ebay if I liked the dial.

marriage watch

This to my mind is a very nice silvered dial and with the case it weigss in at a very healthy 47.5mm diameter but you may have noticed by now that there is no crown . Well there is a way round that !

How to wind a marriage watch

You just need to pop off the crystal back and wind it with a key just like in the old days !

Its not a high grade movement , its not a high grade anything but with the suede leather strap I really do enjoy wearing it and it makes a really pleasant ticking noise you can hear from across the room.


I bought this from a dealer at a good price and I had never seen one before . I actually bought 2 from him and kept this for myself . The Lemania Elvestrom has a long and interesting history and Paul Elvestrom was a Danish yachtsman who won multiple Olympic gold medals and many world titles on top.

Lemania Elvestrom

There were many different models of this watch including a titanium version and movement was used by Omega. The basis of the design is that on pushing the timer button the five discs turn blue and then every 2 minutes the discs turn red so you have a 10 minute timer.

This is pretty handy when you are bouncing around on the deck of a racing yacht and need a very quick visual reference as to when to tack.

If you want to know more on the timeline of this favourite watch take a look at this link.


My 5th Favourite watch

Bulova Accutron Spaceview

The good old “hummer” known as this because if you put the watch to your ear you can literally hear it humming and it is certainly close to the top of my 10 favourite watches

The watch contains a unique movement in many ways and its very accurate ( one minute a month i.e. 2 seconds a day ! )

The watch is effectively a electro mechanical device and was the worlds first fully electronic watch ( the mechanical bit being the drive to the hands.

A electronic oscillator turns power on and off to the 2 wound copper coils and these in turn drive the mechanical section of the watch at 360 times per second .

Being very accurate it even found its way to the moon as a cockpit instrument in the Apollo lunar missions ( you would be surprised how many watches actually went into space ! )

This is the space view model which was only actually produced to be displayed in dealers shop fronts but after a lot of customers asked to buy the demonstration watch Bulova then made many versions of the space view and have recently come out with a fascinating new model concept model which is run with a electrostatic motor the power being generated in a similar way to a automatic watch.

The Vintage space view watches can be picked up for between £400 and £1100 and its pretty much up to you which model you go for.

Ive put in the middle of my 10 favourite watches as I’ll wear it for a week and then put it away for about a month .

Im going to put the next five on the next blog !

May 6th, 2020

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If you want to sell Your Vintage Watches Or Modern Watches during The Covid Lockdown then it could not be any simpler than contacting us.

At Watches Of Westminster we specialise in buying vintage and modern watches from around the world.

If you want to sell your modern or vintage watch simply contact us via the free valuation page or simply give us a call on 07768316371. You can even send us pictures of your watch via Whattsapp or text messaging.

We just need some decent pictures of the watch and any information you have in terms of boxes and papers . It really is that simple, we ensure it is !

sell your watch
Front View
Rear View

Once the sale is agreed we can send you a free postal pack so all you need to do is post the watch to us.

We can pay you on receipt of the watch or via Paypal before you send it. Depending on where you are we can even pick the watch up whilst adhering to the social distancing rules ( permitted by government rules) and pay by any means you prefer.

If you are thinking of changing your modern or vintage watch we can also offer the same service for Part Exchange watches.

Take a look at our website we have over 100 vintage and modern watches for sale and feel free to call us at any time to discuss and modern or vintage watch you want to buy or sell.

April 24th, 2020

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If you want to sell your watch in London in 24 hours here at watches of Westminster we specialise in fast watch purchasing and selling. If you want to buy a high end watch or sell a vintage watch contact us.

Why ?

  • Customers don’t like to waste time .
  • Customers like dealing with 1 person.
  • Customers like to spend time discussing a watch purchase
  • Customers like to be informed
  • Customers like a fast and prompt service.

We are a small friendly business who only buy and sell watches . We Can personally deal with each and every customer on a individual basis.

                                                       WE KNOW THAT TIME MATTERS !

Gold Rolex

We generally only buy watches we like so there is always a interesting array of watches for sale like this Breitling Emergency.

Luftwaffe watch

Rolex 15238

We have found time and time again that customers are not happy with the long and formal procedures required by the larger watch buying firms. and are grateful for our personal “to your door” service whether buying or selling.

“Sell Your watch In London in 24 Hours”  selling high value watches such as  Rolex , Breitling , Omega , Jaeger-LeCoultre not everybody wants to travel into central London for a pre arranged interview on the possibility of selling a watch and feel it can reduce their bargaining power. We always agree values before we set off and as long as your watch is pretty much as described.

Hand delivered in Sept ;

Omega Speedmaster

We now endeavour to complete watch purchases within 24 hours . There are some practical limitations to this but 9 times out of ten we can come up with a solution that will have cash in your hand or funds in your bank account within 24 hours of agreeing a figure.

We have often travelled around Europe to deliver and buy watches so distance is not a major problem for example we have just returned from Munich having delivered a very nice limited edition Omega Speedster to a very happy new owner and have recently travelled to Milan , Rotterdam and Poland on similar customer visits.

Having said that a lot of our business is in London and we are always happy to jump on the tube and visit you near your workplace or at home at any reasonable hour of the day even at the weekends.

We also buy watch collections

Watch collection

10 of my favourite watches

Take a look at our sales watches , we do not leave sold watches on our site !


and if you have a watch to sell simply follow this link

Free Watch Valuation

If you simply want a chat call Simon on 07768 316 371.

March 22nd, 2017

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Read this article if you are looking for a watch pawnbroker because ;

  • You were thinking of Pawning your watch,
  • You were thinking of selling your watch,
  • You want to know what your watch is worth,
  • You have inherited a watch you don’t need,
  • You want a interest free loan,
  • You think short term loans are too expensive,
  • You have a vintage watch to sell/Pawn

Watches of Westminster now offer what is in effect a free loan service.

If you need some short term cash or simply want to sell your watch but not sure about doing so just take us up on our watch buyback service . Its a free service and won’t cost you a penny. Most Pawnbrokers won’t consider vintage watches .We Love Them !

We are a watch pawnbroker with a difference ! You simply send us details of your watch , we agree a price and buy it from you . If in 28 days from the date of purchase you want  your watch back you can simply buy it back from us at the same same price . We won’t do anything with it other than put it in our safe. Whilst we will need to meet to see the watch we can post it back to you ,

Visit our valuation page for this service which gives you further information.


We specialise in making the process simple and fast. For the right watch we will even travel to you and can pay cash or bank transfer. You will receive a written receipt / contract which give you the right to buy the watch back for the same price within 28 days.

You may be thinking there is a catch but there isn’t.

Watches Of Westminster buy watches and having sold us your watch on the buyback scheme theres a decent chance you will let us keep it . Cash Converters do the same thing and typically charge £650 on a £2,000 purchase for 28 days. Thats a hell of a profit margin for them but we do not charge it.

Try them here is the link


We run a low overhead business so are happy to offer this free service in exchange for the chance to buy your watch.

watch pawn

That old watch you have had in the drawer could be worth a lot more than you think. Collectors are driving up prices for certain watches but you really need to know your stuff especially when it comes to copy watches.

Maybe you have been left watch collection , trying to sell each watch off is a nightmare. Watches Of Westminster specialise in buying collections even if the watches need work.

If you want to have a chat first just give us a call


February 9th, 2017

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The Original Heuer Watch Company

Heuer (Uhrenmanufaktur Heuer AG ) were a long established watch making company founded in 1860 which was then bought by Tag in 1985 and have made some very fine watches.

If you you were thinking ” Sell my Heuer”  ( in any condition ) visit us at


Perhaps you have come across an old Heuer online, or possibly at a flea market or sitting in the back of your drawer.

Maybe you were lucky enough to inherit one or receive one as a gift.  If any of the above applies to you then you may want to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Where is the best place to sell it?
  • How do I know how much it is worth?
  • How do I work out how old it is?
  • How do I determine if all of the components are working as they should?
  • Where can I get my Heuer serviced ?

Second Hand Heuer watch For Sale

There is a big difference between Heuer watches and Tag Heuer watches, Tag Heuer are generally cheaper, battery operated and the lesser choice for investment, we recommend overlooking them in favour of their pre-85 elders. Popular models to look out for are the Autavia, the Monaco, the Carrera, the Monza, the Camaro and the Bundeswehr.

Now, if you wish to sell, you have a number of options including online trading sites like Gumtree and eBay. A downside to these is their tendency to harbour time wasters and scammers (especially Gumtree). This may lead you to a more personal approach such as jewellers or pawn shops. Be warned however, as these establishments are known for giving low prices in exchange for the convenience and speed they offer. Add to the mix big watch exchange businesses in central London famous for testing customer patience and suddenly your options don’t seem so varied.

So, if you wish to combine convenience with a realistic price  for your watch, your best bet is small businesses like Watches of Westminster. We are more than happy to come to you, provide same day payments in cash or bank transfer and offer part exchanges from our myriad selection of watches. We are also generally able and willing to do  this on evenings and weekends, all of this is to ensure our customers have a quick and easy sale experience.

Furthermore, our valuation and ageing services are of great use to those who wish to sell and we are perfectly happy to explain to you in detail how we have arrived at our valuation. What’s more, if you are looking for a part exchange offer we can bring a selection of the type of watches you may be interested in with us. We also offer state of the art servicing to those who are hesitant to sell their broken Heuer.

Whether you are buying or selling a Heuer or just want your Heuer watch serviced please just get in contact and we can do the rest.

You can call us on 07768316371 or use the contact form of our website

Free Watch Valuation

January 4th, 2017

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Are you thinking ” I want to sell  my vintage watch ”

Do any of the following apply to you ?

  • Thinking of selling your watch?
  • Want to part exchange your vintage watch for a newer or different luxury watch?
  • Have you inherited a vintage watch you now want to sell?
  • Have a good quality but non running/damaged vintage or luxury watch for sale?
  • Would like a watch valued before you sell it?
  • Are you worried that a watch you bought may not be an original?
  • Have you been offered a price for your luxury watch by a dealer but think it is too low?

If your in a rush visit our valuation page

Free Watch Valuation

If any of the above did apply to you then in this article I am going to explain the choices you have if you want to sell your watch for cash, without the hassle of going through the time consuming processes involved with most other watch buying companies, or before trying selling watches yourself.

When looking at selling watches for cash, you’d be hard-pressed to find a city that offers you more choice of watch buyers than London does.

Unfortunately, this vast reservoir of trade buyers poses a problem; where do you begin? Jewellers will ensure you walk away with next to nothing, pawn shops will do the same .

Dealers at flea markets may offer you a little more chance of a profit but that still won’t be enough, especially after waiting around in the cold all day.

If you’re after a more substantial selling price you might go to one of the big businesses which are well advertised on the internet, ( how do they afford such large advertising budgets and plush Mayfair offices ? ) .

Be warned however, as their more realistic offers are matched only by the tedium they create. After you have made initial contact and received an outline offer, ( which will always be below your target price which they ask for ) you then either have to post your luxury watch to them, ( not all people are happy to do this and it does involve expense and hassle ) or you need to make an appointment and travel to their London offices.

Add to this the fact that they’ll charge you to post the watch back to you if it turns out to be a copy and your vast array of choices doesn’t seem so impressive.

vintage watch buyers

So How Do You Sell Your Watch In London

If you wish to combine convenience with a realistic price  for your luxury or vintage watch, your best bet is small businesses like Watches of Westminster. We are more than happy to come to you, we provide same day payments in cash or bank transfer and offer part exchanges from our myriad selection of vintage and luxury watches. We are also willing to do all this on evenings and weekends , all of this is to ensure our customers have a quick and easy sale experience.

We will buy any watch down to a certain pricing level and are not put off by the condition as long as the watch is repairable.

We are happy to explain to you in detail how we have arrived our valuation of the watch, and if you are looking for a part exchange offer we can bring a selection of the type of luxury watches you may be interested in with us ( If you have not already selected one ).

For the right luxury or vintage watch we are happy to travel, (we collected the Vacheron Constantin below from Poland recently) and meet up at a time to suit you.

The process is very simple and could consist of a simple phone call to us !

As a small business we understand that service to our customers is paramount and we pride ourselves with the fantastic feedback we ask for and get.

Please feel free to call us on 0776820316371  or complete the form on our watch valuation page if you have any queries or would like to sell your vintage or luxury watch .

December 26th, 2016

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In this Article I will deal with the following when you want to value a watch

  •  What factors affect the value of a watch
  • How do you value a watch
  • Where can I get comparison Values of a watch
  • Does age affect the value of my watch
  • Where can I get my watch valued
  • Where can I sell my watch after valuation
  • Can I sell a broken watch

Omega Speedmaster Professional Moon Watch

As the watch buyer at Watches Of Westminster Im afraid to say the valuing of watches is not a precise science most of the time !

The value of items such as watches will with most goods vary on a number of factors some of which can work in reverse for certain watches /models even down to the personal preferences of the valuer.

For example  a 50 year old Rolex Submariner will have a much greater value than a 5 year old Submariner IF it is original. A 1 year old Submariner will have more value than a 5 year old Submariner for the same model BUT a 5 year old Submariner  with box and papers in unworn condition will have a greater value than a 6 month old worn/scratched submariner with no box or papers.

There are generally 6 prices / values for a watch ( highest first )

  1. The price at retail new – often know as the insurance replacement value for a equivalent model.
  2. The price a London based West End retailer might ask for the same watch once used/sold.
  3. The price a London Based West End retailer will accept for a watch if made an offer ( when needing to obtain their bonus for the month end )
  4. The price a online retailer ( with lower overheads ) will ask for a watch
  5. The price a private seller will accept for a watch ( no warranty given or implied ) and a fast sale on for example Ebay.
  6. The price a private seller will be happy to accept for a watch without the hassle of trying to sell it privately i.e. to a trader/retailer.

There are of course a few variations on these 6 especially when considering the first rule of retailing which is supply and demand which to a certain extent do not apply to vintage watches of any note as the supply is pretty much fixed although it has to be said that Ebay has not done certain watch prices a favour as people realised a few years back when it started . People realised there was a cheap and easy way to sell their old watches and ended up flooding the market hence driving prices down.

Longines WW2 watch

British army watch

All starting to look a bit complicated ? Well I’ll simplify it ( and then complicate it further ).

If you know what watch you have take a look at Ebay or Chrono 24 and you will get a feel for what your watch might sell for in the market ( rarely the asking price ). You will need to make an assessment on its condition , service history and the presence of original box and papers . Deduct the cost of a full service (£200 to £600 ) , the cost of a polish and perhaps a new strap , the cost/risk of a 12 month warranty , the normal overheads for any business and of course VAT ( any reputable watch business will have long passed the turnover threshold for VAT of about 6k a month , thats turnover not profit ) which is taken off any GROSS profit and then Corporation tax which is on nett profit. The complication is that this figure will vary for every watch.

You then might not be too surprised why you are being offered about half of what you thought your watch was worth !

Now the big caveat on all of this is the watch itself. A expensive say 10k watch will not take such a large ( in proportion ) hit as a 1k watch but these same numbers make certain watches simply not worth buying which is why I have now introduced a lower buying limit. Making  100% profit on a £200 watch may sound great but in fact any decent watch firm will be making a loss !

The simplest solution is to simply let Watches Of Westminster give you a purchase value. Theres no obligation to sell and its a free service. We are open pretty much 7 days a week 12 hours a day for online contact although most if not all watches will need a full inspection to determine their true condition and originality.

If you have a watch you want valued just contact us with details of your watch

Free Watch Valuation

and we will do the rest or if your really in a hurry just call us on

07768316371 and ask for Simon

Or use our contact form

Free Watch Valuation

December 23rd, 2016

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If you want to sell your Rolex GMT then here at Watches Of Westminster we love to buy vintage Rolex “tool” watches such as The Rolex GMT Master.

A 1971 GMT

We make the process very quick and simple . A staff member from Watches Of Westminster will also travel to your home to collect the Rolex GMT in person.

The Rolex GMT master came about in 1953 when Pan American Airlines and a airline from Europe ( quite possibly an Italian one ) actually approached Rolex ( who had one of the best reputations for tough accurate watches ) to develop a watch that could tell the time in 2 time zones. The Rolex GMT simply gets its name from Greenwich Mean Time and has been copied many times by other manufacturers.

Aeroplanes were not very sophisticated in those days as they are now and knowing the time in the time Zone you flew from and were flying to was quite important !

The watch with the Pepsi bezel is now an iconic design loved by many including myself ! The 2 below are in my collection !


Part of our collection

Depends very much on age , dial condition and existence of paperwork and boxes but if you send us some decent pictures of the front and back of the watch plus any boxes or paperwork we can give you a fixed price for the watch the same day

December 7th, 2016

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