Watches Of Westminster operate all over the UK and specialise in providing a fast and friendly service “to your door”.

We have a particular interest in vintage chronographs such as Yema and the little known brand Chronosport.

Yema Yachtingraf

We also buy all other brands as long as they are vintage ie pre 1980.

The Yema brand is quite interesting in that it is not a swiss brand and was set up by a Mr Henry Belmont in 1948 in France and the name was produced after a competition he set up in a local school. Mr Belmont was a accomplished watchmaker and graduated top of his class at the National Watchmaking School of Besancon in 1931

Here is a link to the Yema web site a company which is still producing high quality watches.

Yema were well known for diving and sport watches one of the most famous being the Yema Superman. This model led to the French company being the largest supplyer of watches made in France and it gained a reputation for being extremely rugged. It gained favour with divers and was issued to the French air force. This watch along with a number of other models have been reissued in a modern format and have proved to be very popular.

My personal favourite Yema watch is the Yachtingraf pictured above which was produced in various versions. A lot of their other models featured the word”graf” in the name such as Meangraf , Worldgraf and Rallygraf all of which are based on a Valjoux movement. They are striking watches and look great on the wrist.

The Chronosport brand of watches is even more interesting and was initially set up and registered in 1966 in the UK and in 1980 it was incorporated into the Breitling and Sinn brands in America.

Originally the brand had a close association with motor racing including Formula 1 and was worn by many well known drivers and was even supplied to the Red arrows team at the time.

Chronosport produced a number of models including the Computergraf ( again the use of Graf in the name ) and the Magnum.

Chronosport models are still available but to me the early models are the most exciting due to their history.

If you have a Yema or Chronosport you are thinking of selling please contact us and we would be happy to discuss a purchase of the watch.

April 17th, 2023

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