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Zodiac Vintage

Zodiac watches are quite a well know brand and have a loyal following. They are a Swiss firm as you may expect but the brand name does not hint at this .

The Zodiac watch company was set up by a Mr Ariste Calame as far back as 1882 in Le Locle Switzerland

As you might expect its a pretty place to make Zodiac watches . Ariste came from a long line of watchmakers and he wanted to follow his father into the trade.

The first flat pocket watch they produced was released to the public in 1928, and used the unique Zodiac calibre 1617 in house movement.

In 1930 Zodiac produced the first automatic sports watch, and then produced the popular Zodiac Autographic. The Autographic was automatic with a power reserve gauge, an unbreakable ( compared to other brands ! ) crystal, and a radium dial which would glow in the dark, and was also water and shock resistant. The watch was very advanced for its day and popular with the watch buying public.

The model that first comes to mind(to collectors) is the Sea Wolf and this was introduced in 1953. A purpose designed ” dive watch ” it was a world first for Zodiac.

The Zodiac Sea Wolf was superseded in the 1970s by the Super Sea Wolf which increased the depth rating to 750m which is substantial .

There were many other notable models in the Zodiac range my favourite being the Zodiac GMT Chronograph and here is a picture of a very nice example. If you have a vintage Zodiac GMT please let us know.

March 16th, 2022

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