If you want to sell Your Vintage Watches Or Modern Watches during The Covid Lockdown then it could not be any simpler than contacting us.

At Watches Of Westminster we specialise in buying vintage and modern watches from around the world.

If you want to sell your modern or vintage watch simply contact us via the free valuation page or simply give us a call on 07768316371. You can even send us pictures of your watch via Whattsapp or text messaging.

We just need some decent pictures of the watch and any information you have in terms of boxes and papers . It really is that simple, we ensure it is !

sell your watch
Front View
Rear View

Once the sale is agreed we can send you a free postal pack so all you need to do is post the watch to us.

We can pay you on receipt of the watch or via Paypal before you send it. Depending on where you are we can even pick the watch up whilst adhering to the social distancing rules ( permitted by government rules) and pay by any means you prefer.

If you are thinking of changing your modern or vintage watch we can also offer the same service for Part Exchange watches.

Take a look at our website we have over 100 vintage and modern watches for sale and feel free to call us at any time to discuss and modern or vintage watch you want to buy or sell.

April 24th, 2020

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Second Hand Omega Speedmaster Professional

Second Hand Omega Speedmaster Professional

The Omega watch company have been in existence since 1848 and have built up a very fine reputation throughout the world for high quality watches.

Some of the history of the Omega watch includes:

  • They became one of Switzerland’s first Industrial wristwatch manufacturers by 1900.
  • They have a history of doing the timing of Olympic games since 1932.
  • NASA in 1965 chose the Omega Speedmaster Professional as its official chronograph for the crew of the Apollo 11 to be worn on July 21 1969 when Neil Armstrong and Buz Aldrin, took their first steps on the moon.
  • James Bond has been wearing Omega watches for over twenty years. The first film they used Omega watches was in “Golden Eye” in 1995.

Today watches are not only an item to be worn for the practical purpose of telling the time but they have become so much more than that. Quality watches are now a fashion accessory and are now regarded as a status symbol giving some perceived indication of the wearer’s style and wealth.

Why do Watches Appreciate in value?

The watch brands, models, material used in the construction, exclusivity of the watch, reputation, age and the movement all contribute to establishing if a watch will appreciate in value in the coming years.

Throughout Omega’s watch making history, their main competitor has been Rolex and although Rolex watches are highly desirable and collectable, they generally have a different set of clients; maybe younger with a not so ostentatious look. Omega has in the last 50 years focused a huge amount of its attention on the branding and marketing of their watches using high profile celebrities to promote their watches worldwide.

Omega is, without a doubt, a very fine luxury watch brand that originated in Switzerland and is now owned by Swatch. Their watches are highly regarded in the watch and collectors market place and if you are sensible with your choice after doing some research, then you will have a purchased a luxury watch that will appreciate in value year on year.

Vintage Omega Speedmaster Chronograph with White face

Omega Seamaster

Is an Omega watch a good Investment?

Omega watches are a well-respected and high quality stylish timepiece brand that over the years has moved with the times developing its range but not compromising in anyway on its quality and desirability.

In order for the purchase of an Omega watch to be a sound investment, it is important to understand that if you are purchasing a new watch from a retail showroom, the value of the watch will disintegrate immediately. This is not a poor reflection on Omega watches but it is just the norm on generally all watch sales. Vintage watches are where you will earn your money. Firstly before you purchase a vintage Omega watch, do your research. An original vintage Omega watch is what all self-respecting watch collectors are looking for. Along with the watches original box and papers and the watch being in good condition. These are all the hallmarks of a solid investment.

Here at Watches of Westminster, we specialise in Vintage watches of all brands and have a number of vintage Omegas for sale. Feel free to browse our second hand and vintage watch sales page and if you have a watch to sell or Part Exchange just get in contact.

April 23rd, 2020

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Whilst Watches Of Westminster are keen to buy any vintage watches , we are also trying to build up a stock of vintage ( pre 80’s ) Speedmasters ( later known a moon watch ) and spare parts and are looking to make bulk purchases of old stock as well as buy individual watches in any condition with or without boxes.

We are happy to travel worldwide to view genuine stock or can make smaller purchases via courier /post.


Everybody who is interested in vintage watches will have heard of the Omega Speedmaster later called the moon watch but a lot of people do not realise how old a model they are and indeed that Omega had similar watches long before the Speedmaster name was used.


The very early origins of the Omega Speedmaster go back to 1941 when Lemania starts to produce the 27Chrono C12 caliber movements. The famous cal 321 movement of the Omega Speedmaster can trace its heritage all the way back to this watch. Omega produced the first Speedmaster in 1957 and this was the first watch to feature a tachymeter scale on the bezelbezel

moon watch

You can contact us via our website

Here is another interesting article


April 15th, 2018

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If you want to sell your watch in London in 24 hours here at watches of Westminster we specialise in fast watch purchasing and selling. If you want to buy a high end watch or sell a vintage watch contact us.

Why ?

  • Customers don’t like to waste time .
  • Customers like dealing with 1 person.
  • Customers like to spend time discussing a watch purchase
  • Customers like to be informed
  • Customers like a fast and prompt service.

We are a small friendly business who only buy and sell watches . We Can personally deal with each and every customer on a individual basis.

                                                       WE KNOW THAT TIME MATTERS !

Gold Rolex

We generally only buy watches we like so there is always a interesting array of watches for sale like this Breitling Emergency.

Luftwaffe watch

Rolex 15238

We have found time and time again that customers are not happy with the long and formal procedures required by the larger watch buying firms. and are grateful for our personal “to your door” service whether buying or selling.

“Sell Your watch In London in 24 Hours”  selling high value watches such as  Rolex , Breitling , Omega , Jaeger-LeCoultre not everybody wants to travel into central London for a pre arranged interview on the possibility of selling a watch and feel it can reduce their bargaining power. We always agree values before we set off and as long as your watch is pretty much as described.

Hand delivered in Sept ;

Omega Speedmaster

We now endeavour to complete watch purchases within 24 hours . There are some practical limitations to this but 9 times out of ten we can come up with a solution that will have cash in your hand or funds in your bank account within 24 hours of agreeing a figure.

We have often travelled around Europe to deliver and buy watches so distance is not a major problem for example we have just returned from Munich having delivered a very nice limited edition Omega Speedster to a very happy new owner and have recently travelled to Milan , Rotterdam and Poland on similar customer visits.

Having said that a lot of our business is in London and we are always happy to jump on the tube and visit you near your workplace or at home at any reasonable hour of the day even at the weekends.

We also buy watch collections

Watch collection

10 of my favourite watches

Take a look at our sales watches , we do not leave sold watches on our site !


and if you have a watch to sell simply follow this link

Free Watch Valuation

If you simply want a chat call Simon on 07768 316 371.

March 22nd, 2017

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Omega Speedmaster Professional Moon Watch

The Amazing Omega Speedmaster 321 Moon Watch (ST 105 102)
Omega Speedmaster First Watch On The Moon

Here at Watches of Westminster, we are passionate about any Vintage Omega Speedmaster especially the 321 pre moon watch. It is often referred to as the “Speedy” and started its life way back in 1957 as part of the Omega “Professional” collection. The idea of the “Speedy” was that it was introduced as a Chronograph for racing and sports. It was an Omega watch that continued the Aura around Omega’s position as the official timekeeper for the Olympic Games. This, at the time, was heralded as a huge achievement.

The story goes that in the early 1960”s, the astronaut’s kept pushing NASA to introduce a Certified and Official timepiece for all space missions.
In order for this watch to be considered for travelling to space and its more important status as the “first watch worn on the Moon”, NASA decided to short list a number of watches. The “Speedy” was on the list and they expressed an interest in testing the watch and made an enquiry to Omega with regard to the Speedmaster 105:003. Omega jumped at this opportunity.

Omega Speedmaster Professional Moon Watch tests, we understand, included for Noise levels, Humidity levels, Temperature levels, Oxygen levels, Shock, Decompression, Quality and obviously time keeping. There are numerous stories on this process and who was involved but the bottom line was that after countless and very methodical testing on the “Speedy” along with a Rolex, Hamilton and Longines-Wittnaur watches in 1964-1965, the “Speedy” was the chosen watch by NASA. This was a huge accolade in the 1960’s but is even greater now.

So the milestone of Vintage Omega Speedmaster happened on July 20th 1969 when the Apollo X1 crew of Neil Armstrong and Buz Aldrin landed on the moon wearing there Speedmasters and the rest is, as you say, history It is now talked of the “Moon watch”.

But for us here at Watches of Westminster, it is not just about the history. The Vintage Omega Speedmaster is a lovely 42mm size which was certainly unusual in the 1960’s along with having the most respected Calibre 321 movement which actually was introduced way back in 1942.

A collaboration between Omega and Lemania, It is regarded as one of the best Chronographs ever produced. But the ultimate accolade for this 1960’s watch is that the modern day version is very similar in style and looks to the “Moonwatch” emphasising the fact that it has lasted the test of time and is a true vintage classic and a watch on the top of most collectors list.

We have this watch for on sale on our sales page Second Hand Vintage Omega Speedmaster Moon Watch

December 20th, 2016

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