If you want to sell Your Vintage Watches Or Modern Watches during The Covid Lockdown then it could not be any simpler than contacting us.

At Watches Of Westminster we specialise in buying vintage and modern watches from around the world.

If you want to sell your modern or vintage watch simply contact us via the free valuation page or simply give us a call on 07768316371. You can even send us pictures of your watch via Whattsapp or text messaging.

We just need some decent pictures of the watch and any information you have in terms of boxes and papers . It really is that simple, we ensure it is !

sell your watch
Front View
Rear View

Once the sale is agreed we can send you a free postal pack so all you need to do is post the watch to us.

We can pay you on receipt of the watch or via Paypal before you send it. Depending on where you are we can even pick the watch up whilst adhering to the social distancing rules ( permitted by government rules) and pay by any means you prefer.

If you are thinking of changing your modern or vintage watch we can also offer the same service for Part Exchange watches.

Take a look at our website we have over 100 vintage and modern watches for sale and feel free to call us at any time to discuss and modern or vintage watch you want to buy or sell.

April 24th, 2020

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If you want to sell your watch in London in 24 hours here at watches of Westminster we specialise in fast watch purchasing and selling. If you want to buy a high end watch or sell a vintage watch contact us.

Why ?

  • Customers don’t like to waste time .
  • Customers like dealing with 1 person.
  • Customers like to spend time discussing a watch purchase
  • Customers like to be informed
  • Customers like a fast and prompt service.

We are a small friendly business who only buy and sell watches . We Can personally deal with each and every customer on a individual basis.

                                                       WE KNOW THAT TIME MATTERS !

Gold Rolex

We generally only buy watches we like so there is always a interesting array of watches for sale like this Breitling Emergency.

Luftwaffe watch

Rolex 15238

We have found time and time again that customers are not happy with the long and formal procedures required by the larger watch buying firms. and are grateful for our personal “to your door” service whether buying or selling.

“Sell Your watch In London in 24 Hours”  selling high value watches such as  Rolex , Breitling , Omega , Jaeger-LeCoultre not everybody wants to travel into central London for a pre arranged interview on the possibility of selling a watch and feel it can reduce their bargaining power. We always agree values before we set off and as long as your watch is pretty much as described.

Hand delivered in Sept ;

Omega Speedmaster

We now endeavour to complete watch purchases within 24 hours . There are some practical limitations to this but 9 times out of ten we can come up with a solution that will have cash in your hand or funds in your bank account within 24 hours of agreeing a figure.

We have often travelled around Europe to deliver and buy watches so distance is not a major problem for example we have just returned from Munich having delivered a very nice limited edition Omega Speedster to a very happy new owner and have recently travelled to Milan , Rotterdam and Poland on similar customer visits.

Having said that a lot of our business is in London and we are always happy to jump on the tube and visit you near your workplace or at home at any reasonable hour of the day even at the weekends.

We also buy watch collections

Watch collection

10 of my favourite watches

Take a look at our sales watches , we do not leave sold watches on our site !


and if you have a watch to sell simply follow this link

Free Watch Valuation

If you simply want a chat call Simon on 07768 316 371.

March 22nd, 2017

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Read this article if you are looking for a watch pawnbroker because ;

  • You were thinking of Pawning your watch,
  • You were thinking of selling your watch,
  • You want to know what your watch is worth,
  • You have inherited a watch you don’t need,
  • You want a interest free loan,
  • You think short term loans are too expensive,
  • You have a vintage watch to sell/Pawn

Watches of Westminster now offer what is in effect a free loan service.

If you need some short term cash or simply want to sell your watch but not sure about doing so just take us up on our watch buyback service . Its a free service and won’t cost you a penny. Most Pawnbrokers won’t consider vintage watches .We Love Them !

We are a watch pawnbroker with a difference ! You simply send us details of your watch , we agree a price and buy it from you . If in 28 days from the date of purchase you want  your watch back you can simply buy it back from us at the same same price . We won’t do anything with it other than put it in our safe. Whilst we will need to meet to see the watch we can post it back to you ,

Visit our valuation page for this service which gives you further information.


We specialise in making the process simple and fast. For the right watch we will even travel to you and can pay cash or bank transfer. You will receive a written receipt / contract which give you the right to buy the watch back for the same price within 28 days.

You may be thinking there is a catch but there isn’t.

Watches Of Westminster buy watches and having sold us your watch on the buyback scheme theres a decent chance you will let us keep it . Cash Converters do the same thing and typically charge £650 on a £2,000 purchase for 28 days. Thats a hell of a profit margin for them but we do not charge it.

Try them here is the link


We run a low overhead business so are happy to offer this free service in exchange for the chance to buy your watch.

watch pawn

That old watch you have had in the drawer could be worth a lot more than you think. Collectors are driving up prices for certain watches but you really need to know your stuff especially when it comes to copy watches.

Maybe you have been left watch collection , trying to sell each watch off is a nightmare. Watches Of Westminster specialise in buying collections even if the watches need work.

If you want to have a chat first just give us a call


February 9th, 2017

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If you want to sell your Rolex GMT then here at Watches Of Westminster we love to buy vintage Rolex “tool” watches such as The Rolex GMT Master.

A 1971 GMT

We make the process very quick and simple . A staff member from Watches Of Westminster will also travel to your home to collect the Rolex GMT in person.

The Rolex GMT master came about in 1953 when Pan American Airlines and a airline from Europe ( quite possibly an Italian one ) actually approached Rolex ( who had one of the best reputations for tough accurate watches ) to develop a watch that could tell the time in 2 time zones. The Rolex GMT simply gets its name from Greenwich Mean Time and has been copied many times by other manufacturers.

Aeroplanes were not very sophisticated in those days as they are now and knowing the time in the time Zone you flew from and were flying to was quite important !

The watch with the Pepsi bezel is now an iconic design loved by many including myself ! The 2 below are in my collection !


Part of our collection

Depends very much on age , dial condition and existence of paperwork and boxes but if you send us some decent pictures of the front and back of the watch plus any boxes or paperwork we can give you a fixed price for the watch the same day

December 7th, 2016

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Specialist Buyers Of Vintage Rolex Watches

Rolex Submariner with Box
Watches Of Westminster are specialists when it comes to buying pre owned vintage Rolex watches. We have over 60 years of experience in the buying and selling of both modern and vintage luxury watches.

When you start looking to sell your watch you will see that in the UK alone there are a great number of firms who will buy your watch. However none of the watch buying firms offer a to your door service and few will offer to buy your watch even if it is not working. We have both of these options.

For the right Vintage Rolex watches we are more than happy to travel to you, and value your watch there and then, in front of you, no posting your watch off and then having the worry of are your going to get paid or your watch back! Being based in central London we have easy access to all of the main transport nodes so it doesn’t matter if you are in Liverpool, Doncaster, Edinbugh or anywhere in the UK.  We have even travelled abroad to collect a pre owned vintage watch previously. o you don’t need to search for “watch buyers near me” as we will come to you, and we are also quite happy to travel on an evening or even at a weekend, whichever suits you the most. All of this is to ensure our customers have a quick and easy sale experience.

sell my old rolex

Valuing Your Rolex Watch

Once we have valued your watch, we are quite happy to explain to you in detail how we have arrived at our valuation, and then if you are happy with the valuation we can provide same day payments in cash or bank transfer. If however, you would prefer to part exchange your Rolex watch for another or a different make of luxury or vintage watch, then this can be arranged. Simply browse our watches for sale page and we can bring a selection of our sale watches for you to have a look at.

Servicing Or Repairing A Broken Rolex

In addition to the buying and selling of Rolex watches we also offer state of the art servicing and repair services, for those who are not looking to sell their Rolex but would like to keep their watch in tip top condition or get it going again if it has stopped.

Vintage Rolex with leather case

Whether you are looking to have your Rolex serviced or repaired, you are looking to sell your watch for cash or you would like to buy one of our pre-owned Rolex watches simply call us on 07768 316371 then we can do the rest.

November 22nd, 2016

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Very rare to find in such incredible condition and with its original dial , this Vintage Rolex 4498 watch is a must for any serious Rolex collector. Just serviced and running perfectly. Supplied with 12 months warranty , a presentation box and a certificate of authenticity.

We would consider a part exchange against this or any other of our sales watches.p1130840p1130844

We are always keen to come and look at whatever watch you have, inspect and value similar watches so please feel free to contact us at anytime via our free valuation page

November 1st, 2016

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Why would anyone want to buy a Rolex?

Rolex London

Why would anyone want to buy a Rolex? Firstly around one million, yes 1,000,000 watches come out of Rolex in Switzerland and it is without doubt the most recognized and respected watch brand and mechanism in the world. You could argue that Rolex watches are now mass produced with those sort of figures, who could argue, but with a history going back to 1905 and being the only exclusive watch brand in the Forbes “most valuable brands” list, today, they are still the number one watch brand in the world. Rolex is also an unusual brand. It rarely changes it’s watches or at least not dramatically. You would be hard pressed to notice the difference between a Submariner from 1960’s and a current one, unless you are a Rolex aficionado.

What makes a Rolex even more special is the fact that unlike many other “Luxury brands”, they generally keep their value so they are a lovely long-term investment and highly desirable.  In this world nowadays, there are very few items that you can feel comfortable about purchasing and in years to come, they have turned out to be a good investment but Rolex watches are one of those.

We, here at Watches of Westminster, often find that people buying Rolex’s do so because they are collectors and that they understand the brand inside and out. They also appreciate the quality, history, long-term value and fairly simplistic style of them. Other people purchase them as they feel like they need a status symbol around their wrist, celebrate a success or are just looking for a quality watch that will be reliable, robust and last a lifetime. What we find with Rolex watches are that they are so very reliable and that they will truly last for many years with a bit of care and attention.

Why would anyone want to buy a Rolex watch? You would be mad not too!!

August 19th, 2016

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